Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome Back: John Galliano gets a little help from Oscar de la Renta

I must say I am positive about the change that just got the fashion industry talking MORE than we already do!   

Iconic fashion designer Oscar de la Renta {love him} is going to be lending his studio for the next few weeks to the ‘blacklisted’ fashion designer John Galliano. This is major being that Galliano was fired from his personal label and Dior. He made anti-Semitic comments to a few individuals at a cafe in Paris, two years ago

Oscar de la Renta {lt} & John Galiano {rt} photo via

Personally, I was sadden by John Galliano's actions, because he is a true artist {like, for real}. Though that does not excuse his actions. I knew he would come back...too much talent to sit on. Galliano spent some time in rehab for his alcohol addiction {which was a factor} and avoided the spotlight, though his name made headlines a couple times for some designs during those 2 years.

Everyone deserves a second chance.  He is a new man, so hopefully he takes advantage. I think this is big of Oscar de la Renta.  Galliano is working on his Fall ’13 collection…can’t wait to see his comeback…this will be good! #WelcomeBack


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