Lakia Fashae

Hi, pleased to meet you!

I'm another chick in the world who is in love with FASHION!

{READ} You Hate Me Because I am a Black Woman

Let me fill you in a bit....

I graduated from American Intercontinental University {Buckhead, Atlanta campus now merged with the Dunwoody campus} in 2009 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design/Fashion Marketing.  I gained A LOT of experience {2 years} working for a high-end department store.

Through this experience and my new degree, I became founder and co-owner of The Fashion Go 2 Gals, LLC. That was for 2 years {RIGHT after graduating}. I have learned so much and continue to spread my fashion love with my personal brand, That Fashion Chick,LLC . Networking and events have been great support thus far. Watching its growth and new ways to express fashion, made me want to contribute something memorable, unique and relatable to the fashion here we are.

Lakia Fun Facts:
  • Went to school to start a fashion business that shared my style expertise and admiration. A fashion company that caters and relates to fashion lovers.
  • Fashion Blog was not in the plan. Technology is awesome!
  • Personal style as a child, sparked my personal fashion journey.
  • 7th grade is when my fashion heights were certain. 
  • The goal is to be exclusive{not much advertising}. Cater directly to TFC's target audience.
  • Naturally shy at first...smh STILL lol. But when comfortable, the difference is visible.
  • Proud mommy of 2 {girl & boy}.
  • My hometown and family base is Anchorage, AK.
  • Second oldest of 6 siblings.
  • World Love & balance,open,fun kind of chick.There's always more to what meets the eye.<3


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