Wednesday, March 29, 2023

🎥A TFC Vlog: Ft. G-Ma's Spa Essentials!

 An Awesome collaboration for a good cause!

Watch This!!:

✨Remember, let the video load and possibly 
hit the play button twice✨ YOUTUBE I can't wait! 😁😆

🎥Catch the video on all TFC social media platforms!💃🏾


We love our children and respect the cause. Thank you to G`Mas's Spa Essentials for involving That Fashion Chick

This gift basket is created by G-Ma's Spa Essentials valued at $250, set to be raffled at the Rising Tide Women's Leadership Brunch for the Boys & Girls Club of Club of Central Georgia.

Congratulations to the  recipient, because this basket is AWESOME!

Woot, Woot!🤗💖

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