Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Get the Scoop!!: Sarah Jessica Parker's new shoe line is almost here {Watch This!!}

This is art imitating life!

Sarah Jessica Parker and shoe designer extraordinaire Manolo Blanik collaborated on a new shoe line that will debut in about a month. Those Sex & the City days for SJP served as great inspiration! In preparation for the big debut, SJP did an exclusive interview with O Magazine {Gayle King did the honors}...Get the Scoop below!

Who: Sarah Jessica Parker {actress} & Manolo Blahnik {shoe designer}
What: SJP is the name of the collection and will include shoes and handbags.
Where: exclusively at Nordstrom
When: February 28, 2014
Price: ranging from $195 - $485 {shoes} & $375 and under {handbags

Watch This!!

These heels and bags are going to be a big hit..I see it already!

Sarah Jessica Parker {SJP/Manolo Blahnik} - O Magazine
The Coveteur

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