Monday, January 13, 2014

Feature: iMerchandise Fashion App {iPhones & iPads}

iMerchandise App {logo}
Have I got an amazing fashion app for you lovely fashioners! It's called the iMerchandise App which is compatible with your iPhone and iPad and super easy to navigate. Special thanks to David Secul {CEO and Founder of iMerchandise App} for contacting That Fashion Chick and sharing your awesome product with us {we LOVE fashion stuff like this}!

via Email: 
"My startup has recently launched a new fashion iPhone and iPad app that simplifies the clothing buying process for retailers and personal shoppers. There is nothing like it on the market. It helps boutiques and store owners that go to fashion shows to eliminate hand written orders and replaces all the paperwork hassle."

"I am a retailer and I’ve created this app with my own funds initially for my personal use. I am not after ROI and I just did it because I have found this niche need (often going to Fashion Weeks all around US). I’d like to help other retailers and personal shoppers find about iMerchandise too."

That's what fashion is all about…see a need, create a niche!

Watch This!!

Download this iMerchandise App to your iPhone and iPad devices, so you can experience fashion in a new atmosphere {this app is sure to catch on}. Fashion week blogger/attendees, iMerchandise is your new friend!

You can download the app on iTunes. It's Free

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