Thursday, December 19, 2019

👄💭Fashion Life:😆Finals Week is Over!!!😅

Update: I just found-out my grade for Online Retailing....a C!!! On my Dynamics of Fashion I made a B- ...Ya'll if you see the data I provide and the presentation, you would see otherwise.  They do not have the vision. I promise they just want to keep us in a box holding on to scraps. My work is clear and efficient. I know I'm better than my professors. They are in a fraternity so art is not the forefront,but that's okay. Thank you God I know what I'm working. I want to quit school, because these dumb professors loss the art of fashion, but its all good, God has the LAST SAY!!! 😂

Can I get a Amen!! lol 
One more week of school then a break, until February! 
🎉Whoot, Whoot🎉😅

Lakia Fashae

Hey Ya'll😊  
Getting in my executive mode...TFC professionalism 
{🎨where creativity speaks out🎭}.

I been up all night, all last week to produce some of my best work - to date! 

👄Dynamics of Fashion: act as a fashion consultant for a fashion company. Create a presentation of data collected, including a SWOT analysis {strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats}. This is a 15-page paper on Express, IncExpress is a consistent fashion retailer that is one of the most fashion forward companies on the market. Their business profile is very impressive...I took notes for TFC too! 😁 {learn for the best, to be the best} 🤓

Scentful Chic is my fragrance company!

👄Online Retailing and E-commerce: create a brand in a fashion category and develop a Three-Month Peak Season E-commerce Plan. I developed a written report {Scentful Chic - 33 pages}, Power Point {45 Slides} and an E-commerce website {A LOT of stuff and functionality 😅}, and then present.  

After all this work, I didn't want to see a keyboard, computer screen, notebook, sticky note...heck I didn't want to get on the Internet at all! 😂 
Sheesh, that's a lot of work to focus on.

You know I like to keep you updated.

Now, I'm focused on plans for 2020, and this includes productTFC product is ready but school is taking a lot of time and focus.  

When the product hits the market, I want to make videos, special post and just be all in ya face lol.  It's coming...just stay tuned and support ya chick! 💟


On another note: How do you like my outfit?!😀 I put two pieces together that go with other looks! The Fashae Capsule collection is interchangeable.

Well, talk to you later my loves! 
Stay up player! 😜😎



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Awesomeness all around!!!

Lakia Fashae said...

Thanks mommy!!=D

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