Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Biggest Trends of 2013...Some will Stay & Some MUST Go!

Cut-outs: Omg! cut-outs were extremely popular, from your everyday wear to your evening wear and even down to your heels. This is a trend we've enjoyed...we will see more in this new year, 2014.

Leather: Let’s thank our rapper friends for this trend {did Kanye say he started this..never mind :D}! It was all leather everything in 2013…apparel, accessories, shoes…and for the entire family! …leather IS a classic.

Emerald Green: Pantone announced this color for 2013, which is a beautiful color. It was heavily embraced on red carpets and big events...Emerald  Green had a great run.  The color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. =D

Short everything: 2013 was definitely the year to kinda let it all hang out {well…a little while now}; the shorter the the better {...and looking good at it}. Between cut-outs, short-shorts, mini skirts/dresses…let’s just say it was a revealing 2013 lol.

BeautySporting a cat eye and red lip { together or apart} are the two biggest beauty trends we saw in 2013…don’t think it will slow down in 2014 either {classic}!

Nail Art:nail art has had a fantastic run {extremely creative}, from your regular nail polish to 3D, blingy nails. Sadly, this trend will possibly have a slow death in 2014 {remember this Nail Art post}.

Show Stopping AppealEverything in 2013 was on 10: colors, prints, mix matching, ‘beat face’{makeup}, hair color, hair extensions..etc. Last year was about stand-out style..really letting your look speak for you. The awesome thing about it...people were experimenting with fashion more than ever!

Wedged Sneakers: I went hard for wedged sneakers {early}, its not ever funny BUT..I’m so OVER them! Wedged sneakers are a combo of my two favorite shoes {wedges +sneakers} I will stick to them both, sold separately in 2014.

Ad T-shirts: T-shirts were upgraded to the umpteeth power! Ad t-shirts {I like to call it} were huge in 2013. Everything was put on a t-shirt from funny sayings, statements, RIPs, and free loved ones..and can’t leave out all the graphics & customization. T-shirts did it all..and more kool stuff will come in 2014, I'm sure.

{That FashReport & Fashion Talk}

Happy Fashion Year 2014!:

I’m sure there are a few up there we can completely do away with for a while {it will recycle}.  In 2014, we will focus on metallicupgraded prints, more color, play on fabrics as well as fabric manipulation, and some really different silhouettes

Tomboy seems to be a lot of the style inspiration {runway shows}…it will upgrade. Also, you will see a more clean classic look…Classic-Chic {minimalism} is coming in 2014

Stay tuned for my trend alert post, which will give you the full scoop!

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