Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lakia Fashae': My blazer-vest is finished!!

I am just super happy that this piece is finished! Let me tell ya lol...tho, I have learned some new things.  I am ready for the next piece, which is currently draped on the mannequin.

Shout out to my buddy Bacon for the quick shots! If you missed my last post about my blazer-vest, just click this link.

Scroll down to my candid shots...I styled my look too, and you can see my signature 'purple' made a special appearance! =D

Peek-a-boo...I see PURPLE {lining}!

Black & Gold Trim Buttons {detail}
I had to celebrate!

I can't wait for the full collection...then it's PHOTO SHOOT time!

L. Fashae'

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