Monday, October 22, 2012

Uniqlo opening a U.S. e-commerce! {#GetTheDeal!!}

Don’t we as Americans {or anyone for that matter} love our good quality fashions, at awesome deals?!  The popular international retail chain, Uniqlo {which only has physical U.S. locations in NY and San Fransisco} is launching a U.S. e-commerceFINALLY!!
The Japanese based retailer is looking to take Uniqlo to higher heights.  Opening this U.S. e-commerce will help Uniqulo decide on its next location in the U.S.  AND they are thinking about moving their headquarters here to the U.S.…Interesting. 
“Hopefully, we can hire and find the talent. Global e-commerce is headquartered in Japan, but we’re open to moving the global headquarters to the U.S. We feel there’s more talent and more knowledge in the U.S.”-Shin Odake, Uniqlo’s U.S. general manager
Special promos like $9.90 denim and cashmere sweaters for $59.90-$99.90 will be going on.  The online store launches some time this week so keep an eye out!
You have to see what you're in for.  Get acquainted with Uniqlo HERE NOW!

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