Thursday, May 17, 2012

'Rockstar' Tom Cruise covers W Magazine

Tom Cruise is covering the latest issue of W Magazine and he is in costume as a 'rockstar god'.  Interesting, had I not read the article via Fashionista I would have kept that awkward stare o.0 at the veteran actor. 

But, it all makes since.  Tom Cruise has a movie coming out{Rock of Ages} in which he IS playing a 'rocktar god' this is just fun promo people, no need to be alarmed.  The almost 50 year old actor is not having a mid-life crisis, just go ol' promo!<< or was I the only one thinking this?? lol

The spread is not bad at all though, and get a load of that nipple!  Check out a few pictures below.

*Money shot!*

Photos: Mario Sorrento for W

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