Monday, October 10, 2022

📺IT!'s a Show!

 I speak art fluently. 
To specify....a chick is bilingual in fashion and style talk

Get it?! 😂 lol 🤔

Expressing the art of fashion is my greatest gift, besides being a mom.
Ya'll are in for a real treat!

Granted, not everyone will indulge, but those who do: WELCOME!!! 💞

Stylete is my co-host. She represents the standard of fashion 
and has THAT fashion talk

Stylete won't be in all videos but she will make 
plenty appearances!

Most of you are familiar with my logo chick. She's a
 southern belle with an infectious sense of humor.
My logo chick loves
 the spotlight
{hostess with the mostess!}.

Miss Kia can read your style. Share a picture of your best 
OR worst look and she has the answers!
Miss Kia also does 
 virtual calls and live shows.

And....of course this is the host, 
Lakia Fashae! 

Fashion talk is based around your personal style
The show is really blog, in video format. As I work out the final kinks, 
feel free to scroll through TFC's archives to get the idea.


I can get anxious and super protective when it comes to my art. 
So now, I'm completely letting the pieces fit. God gonna says "Go Gurl, Get IT!"😅😍 and so shall IT be.

I promise IT! is coming soon,.All I can say is thank you thus far!


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