Tuesday, March 10, 2020

👀Exclusive: TFC

What's up Ya'll!! 😀
I been working on my daughters prom dress!!! 😍...and doing my school work.
Honestly, I have not been in the mood to post. The market is dull and a new plan has to be in place.
I refuse to be politically correct, because that strikes me down as a black women (my people are going things and don't even see what's against them)...sooooo, new plans of super EXCLUSIVITY are in the works.

Crabs...smh lol they bore me. Gotta stomp em! 😝😂

Anywho, I'm dedicated to motivating my audience.  I'm hot-t-t in these ⭐ streets, but have to move in a way that is soon about to make sense.

Fashion and journalism is my life. If you have a problem with me being my real self, your fake and gtf on. Scary people, be strong because its time. 

Anything I do is a problem because I'm a black women who peeped the system and acted on. 

Stay alert🚨 for me, because I have more to share and reignite the women energy to positivity.

I seen a lot and learned alto and definitely learned the answers!

Have an awesome day!

Lakia Fashae 2010

Lakia Today...

I dooooeeess this bissshh!!!! 😆😁 
If you're not doing anything to empower the world for God....ayye, STFUUU! 😇😜

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