Tuesday, February 19, 2019

👄Fashion Talk: Fashion/Passion...Tomato/Tumato

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Here's some new fashion talk from class.

📄Topic: Compelling Online Fashion Sites, Blogs, Social Media

💡Response from a fashion insider:

Hey Fashion Industry, nobody cares.
By Lakia Fashae

Here it goes. Do you want the raw, uncut truth? Can you handle it?! Fashion is boring now.

Let's discuss the compelling online fashion sites, blogs and social media. Who is really checking for these compelling sites? Not the average consumer. Fashion has gotten more stuck-up as they try this whole "diversity" or inclusion approach. Nice try but it’s not fooling anyone; controversy is a specialty. Fashion is in bed with money, egos, belittling and bullying. The average consumer does not read magazines or go to fashion news sites unless a trend or gossip is happening. This reason is because fashion has lost its essence and has been infiltrated by its bed-mates. Today the best representation of fashion are the fashion weeks (mainly New York Fashion Week), now the Met Gala and trendy gossips here and there.

This is where independent sites like blogs and social media personalities hold the heart of fashion. Here's the difference: independent fashioners are in bed with passion. Some of these people may get paid to promote and advertise, but they have a more relatable approach and demeanor. It would be a shame for these kinds of people to join the big companies. Fashion’s essence would be gone completely.
Site for articles and runway shows include: Vogue, The Business of Fashion and WWD.
  • Vogue is good for runway shows and the Vogue Archive.  Fashion news for the wealthy are here.
  • The Business of Fashion is an all-round fashion site that covers every aspect of fashion.  This includes runway reviews, indie artist, trends, fashion news and shopping.
  • WWD is good for research and current fashion articles.  Also, to find the who's who of fashion.
Who is fashion's client? Who is fashion talking to? Bloggers and Personalities should keep their fashion passion for their readers and customers...it's more rewarding. 

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