Tuesday, February 19, 2019

👄Fashion Talk: Fashion/Passion...Tomato/Tumato (Part 2)

Now, anybody who knows Lakia knows fashion is her life. Literally. I love fashion sooo much and talk from any perspective niche, topic or designer. You name it!  The thing that is annoying is how assimilated fashion has become.  Fashion was once a place for expression...no right or wrong because fashion is art.  What is art? Subjective.

It's tough to be in school answering the same questions, in the same flow, with no challenge or new perspectives.  We talk about the same people, the same topics, the same ethics, and the same trends....blah, blah,blah.  This class discussion allowed me to express these points, using personality and passion. 
I'm so glad to be an independent blogger, because huge fashion companies would not dare let me express my true fashion thoughts.  

School is not as exciting.  Sharing my fashion personality to my readers, about the true essence of this once exciting industry is from the heart on TFC and future outlets.  Blogging is fun and moving into a new direction.

They are too high-up to be neutral.  Independent is the way to go!

*For the Record: I respect my professor. This class is the first class since my return to school that has detail topics and requirements to my personal liking. I am learning new things each semester; it's just not the same industry.😕

Professor Response:

Fashion/Passion...Tomato/Tumato// LAKIA
Hello, Lakia
This is lively and entertaining. It is a very good first effort.
And it is not quite the right text for this assignment. Not all all. You did your own thing...not the required essay.
You were asked which are the top sites and blogs and sources for fashion news.
You start off...in the first half...with a critique of fashion. You don't get to 3 briefly noted sites until the very end. And you don't give much information on them.
This is a vivid essay and fun and witty to read. However, the point of this assignment is not about whether fashion is boring or not. The point of this assignment was to select 3 sites with a lot of fashion information...and write about them.
This is entertaining...but not on-topic. It does not follow the outline.
Please read the topic very very carefully...and follow the outline. The point is for students to do the exact assignment...not to go off on a tangent and talk about how nothing is happening is fashion now.
Next week...please read the assignment. Your writing is vibrant and lively...but it must be relevant to the assignment.
Next week...write the exact required essay please. You can do it. You are a terrific writer...and must now focus.

 My Response:

In my defense, I followed the assignment.  This essay has perspective from a fashion insider who has observed the industry since 2005 - present.  Thank you for finding my essay entertaining, though I feel you missed my objectives.  I don't visit fashion sites, blogs or social media for the reasons listed.  As a result, my fashion preservative has strengthened with fresh eyes.  The industry has changed tremendously since I first entered in 2005, and sadly it’s gotten redundant and boring.

In closing I answered the discussion questing honestly without malice or subliminal.  It's a real feel, with reason as backing.  Not all students have the same fashion perspective. I understand my writing voice (personality) and do challenge better from the industry.

Thank you for the feedback.  I will continue to express myself based on topics asked with my honest passion for fashion.

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