Wednesday, January 23, 2019

👄💬Fashion Life: behind-the-scenes

This is where the magic happens!
Blogging is a way to express my fashion perspective to my audience and young fashion hopefuls.

If you ask me, fashion is the easiest, cheapest and most expressive industry.  The ups and downs to a business can only solidify it's foundation. 

I hope if you return to and join That Fashion Life newsletter, it means you are inspired in some way.  This is how I've created new opportunities time and again.

My biggest New Year's resolution is to get organized.  There are a bunch of tools available for independent bloggers.  An awesome source is 📔 The Ultimate Blogger Babes Blogging Binder!  I made one for TFC...what a life saver.

  Having a blog and running a business as the sole proprietor can get overwhelming😅.  Organization is key.  S/o to my daughter Talia {Her Cool Utopia}, stepping in as my assistant and my son Christian {the best supporters}.💖

💥Bloggers must have a calendar.  I get brain farts all the time or too many ideas.  Organization is important for the creative mind.💪

Read, read READ👀!  These are my go-to books ⤴.  Soon my store will be up {more about that later 😉}.  Reference materials will save plenty headaches or brain farts...ijs.

😃 I have an area of inspiration! Fashion is everything and it's everywhere. This is where the magic begins.  
What ever you do, enjoy and have fun!👊😎👍

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