Tuesday, January 21, 2020

📚The Prepster

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Heeey!!! Let me make you smile 😁 
I told you I can negativity into creativity, on another level. 💢
Soon people will put it all together.  You children of God are SMART!

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The devil is losing energy...😎

Sunday, January 19, 2020


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👄💭You Hate Me Because I'm A Black Woman

If I'm going to be hated, this is why.  I am a Black Woman, who knows who and what she is {this is dangerous in America}.

I've been blogging since 2011 for my company, That Fashion Chick, LLC.  Before I go to the next level of expression, there's some energy I have to move and block. HATE. Keep it up, but I'm putting a label on it.

It's year 2020 and Black Women continue to be disrespected, as well as disrespecting themselves.  As a businesswoman, its sad the things people exchange for success.  From the beginning I have a story to share with young girls and it does not include compromising your pride, dignity or happiness.

I experience the self-hate of blacks and the hate of white supremacy, DAILY.  But I do fuck them up with "fuck you" talk that blows they mind, in the form of  intelligence.  Intelligence is the reason I am still relevant without gimmicks. My stance of pride made me successful to the bullies.  I'm stronger than ever using: creativity, intelligence and knowledge. This makes one untouchable.

The key to happiness is to look within and rid the self of any demons that maybe lurking.  After this process, life looks extremely different and a definite connection with God takes place. There is a lot of misinformation in the world that keeps people boggled down in recurring hate, back and forth.

I love my people {not all black people are my people} first and foremost. I love anyone who loves God and strives for real change.  I know the world is mine.

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If you hate me, you gotta hate God too. Thank you God for creating me to be a Black Woman {POWER}

Updated 1/20/20: Learn to read through people. I have a list of false prophets that proclaim dumb shit, without the spirit of God flowing through their soul or eyes. The only answer is study your mind, body and soul without depending on man. WOMEN you have all inside you. Men know when they see it and will appreciate you or disrespect you {the bad men usually are on the down-low- you know bitch mfs}. I’m showing you how to find your own voice within. I want to see more INDIVIDUALS, not mind controlled people. Who are you inside...I LOOOOVE Real people! They just glow with God energy. Read, study, act on what you learn and you will find your voice. It’s tough and can feel lonely, but that’s how you know you’re on the right track. I’m here to inspire your soul to enjoy a journey of renewal and soul rebirth. 

Message to bitch niggas (men & women):🖕🏾 You can’t stop what’s  ordained.👻 I’m on your neck. Toooo bad you love the devil 🤯🤪😆

Thursday, January 16, 2020

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

🎭That Style Mood Show: 10 Looks

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TFC Collectibles made by Lakia Fashae


😍Fashion offers so much creativity!🎨

📂Search the Blog: "Style Mood" to get creation detailed {most looks}.

❄Style Mood: Bundle Up!

I make miniature clothes tooo!😃  
Check it out...this look is called Bundle Up! {seasonal look}.   The idea came from the book "Sewing Clothes for Barbie" by Annabel Benilan I don't get paid to promote this book. It's solely shared, based on art exchange {same for Look of the Day}. The patterns get changed during the sew process anyway.  

It's cool to find patterns for my favorite childhood toy!

Pretty cute huh?!  
This is a part of TFC product {collectibles}. 


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