Thursday, April 28, 2016

Event: the Ultimate Fashion Xperience - ABS Fine Art & Apparel

Here is the Ultimate Fashion Xperience fashion show sponsored by ABS Fine Art & Apparel! Some sound has been removed, due to copyright. None the less, enjoy the treat!

Fashion Designers:

Pamela D. Edwards
ABS Fine Art & Apparel
Twitter: @absfineart
Instagram: absfineart
Facebook: ABS Fine Art & Apparel
Telephone: 404.431.3069

Kathalyn Wilson
Fashioned by Lady
Telephone: 678.846.5415

Jasmine Proctor Williams
Lionist Clothing Boutique 
Instagram: lionist_ceolladyj
Telephone: 229.364.3902

Tinu Oguntade Adewusi
Ewa Style
Instagram: ewastyle11
Telephone: 404.263.7600

Alphonso Edwards II
AEII Designs
Twitter: @aeiidesigns
Instagram: AE2
Facebook: AEII Designs
Telephone: 404.394.4312

Business Vendors:

Assonda Paul (right)

Earthy Chics

 S/O to Assonda for my free sample of her Earthy Chics product. I like It!
Carla Simmons-Harris

Natural Soy Candle

Toniajo Ramcharan(righ
From The Depth Of My Soul - Book of Poetry
This is her 9th book, also available on Amazon
         I purchased a book of gems!

Brenda McAllister
TaxBiz Income Tax, Accounting & Bookeeping Services

Mae Mae's Art Jewelry

IG: MaeMaeArtJewelry
 I purchase a pretty hair piece. Really gorgeous stuff.

Keela Stinchcomb
IG: ShopFashionFiend

Anthony, Son
Alphonso Edwards II

 Nice Stuff!

Brandi Barthell (right)
Tiny Twirls Tutus
IG: Tiny_Twirls_

Latoya Ponder (left)
In The Clutch - Handmade Clutch Bags
IG: in the_Clutch_

 We enjoyed the show!

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