Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bag Lady Collection by Ayo van Elmar {Watch This!!}

Would you wear your handbag if it came in your size?...really, it's doable. 

Check out the 'Bag Lady' Collection by Ayo van Elmar {fashion designer-Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun}.

This collections is a unique way of recycling one of women's many prize possessions...her handbag
These pieces were once bags that have been deconstructed and reconstructed into wearable and Eco-friendly fashion outfits.

Get the Scoop!!:
Ayo van Elmar is a young and emerging brand, an aspiring global household brand providing high quality and unique Afro-European fusion wear with attention on 100% customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility. Ayo van Elmar was launched in May 2011 and has since grown in leaps and bounds.

The Bag Lady was inspired by the city of Florence in Italy, where leather seems to be a vast resource and one is surrounded by tons of women’s leather handbags in and out of those narrow streets.

Watch This!!

Get more scoop {support the Sunshine Project} and Pre-order HERE!


The 'Bag Lady' Collection by Ayo van Elmar is a great style fusion between cultures. I love the's wearable art on another level.

Ayo van Elmar

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