Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet {favorite PUNK looks}

Well, hello TFC Lovers I'm just coming off another busy weekend with an off day yesterday {business is picking up!}. The pictures of the Met Gala are out and I'm in  ahhhh! I will say not everyone got the 'punk memo', but overall everyone looked very nice. It was kind of a bummer seeing that alot of celebs played it safe. I was ready to see mohawks, alot of black, and  true engagement in the theme.

Check it out below. My favorite red carpet looks {three categories}: Straight Punk, Glam Punk, Personal Punk!

Straight Punk: {these looks say Punk}



Glam Punk: {these looks show a glam Punk}



Personal Punk: {these looks add a personal style to Punk}


Not bad, who were your faves?? MORE photos here!


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