Friday, April 5, 2013

Angelina Jolie has a jewelry line {fashio for a cause}

Angelina Jolie is a designer now {surprise...sarcasm}. This is actually for a great cause. She recently opened an all-girl school in Afghanistan and plans on opening more with the profits of  this jewelry line {100% of the profits will go to the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict}.

Angelina rocking her jewels
  Jolie has launched her high end jewelry line called "Style by Jolie", which was co-created by jeweler Robert Procop {out of Beverly Hills}, same designer that did her engagement ring.

As Angelina herself possesses many talents and dimension, these jewels mirror that depth with a spectrum of delights. At one end are the sensuous, rounded curves of the cushion and sumptuous pear-shaped pendants that conjure the archetype of the eternal feminine. Other jewels resonate with a bolder aesthetic via sharp, dramatic lines. Yet a unified aesthetic remains: richly saturated, monochromatic gemstones are sculpted and cradled in a rich array of golds. Every treasure echoes the potent appeal of a woman’s timeless allure.

You can purchase Jolie's line exclusively at Tivol in Kansas City, Missouri. Check out the collection below!


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