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Get The Scoop!!: Who was Beyoncé wearing during the halftime show?! {Watch This!!}

Photo: Hollywood Reporter

How about those Ravens huh?! I’m happy for Ray Lewis, leaving the league on top...what a bang! #CongratsRavens I must say I was also rooting for PURPLE. Its just cuter and even nice to see on the fellas {I’m such a chick};)  Now, how about that Halftime Show!

Beyoncé put on a great performance; I told you there were going to be some surprises!  I thought all of the blue was cute, which of course represented her baby girl. My favorite part was seeing Destiny’s Child reunited…that Kelly Rowland had me speechless and Michelle’s outfit was adorable.  All of the ladies looked spectacular!
Destiny's Child Reuniting at the SuperBowl
Photo: US Mag

 Kudos to Beyoncé for sharing her moment with a lesser known designer.  His name is Rubin Singer {photoed with Beyoncé below}, a 34 year old NY based designer {Russian decent}. Singer launched his clothing label in  2007 in New York, so he is a little seasoned.  He is already picking up steam due to his latest work for Beyoncé.  

Beyoncé and Rubin Singer
Photo: Fashionista
 Not only did he make Beyoncé’s look, he also made Michelle’s and her squad of 120 backup dancers {Kelly wore a custom leather bodysuit by Emilio Pucci}. That is incredible!  Beyoncé’s bodysuit was made of python, iguana, leather and lace and everything was assembled by hand.

Hat’s off to designer Ruben Singer.  Fashionista recently interviewed him.  It’s pretty kool to see how everything came about. Read the full interview here.

Rubin Singer's raw sketch via

The pieces worn by Beyoncé and her crew are not far off from the pieces in Singers latest collection {he’s showing at fashion week next week his fall/winter 2013 collection}
via Fashionista:
The collection is called “Valkyrie’s Dominion” – what’s it all about? It’s really about a strong empowered woman and making her feel amazing in fashion. I was also inspired by Helmut Newton photography and German film stars from the ’30s like Marlene Dietrich.
...and check out this philosophy for his work:

Lots of people are hearing your name for the first time today–what do you want people to know about you?
They should know that the philosophy of my clothes is social artwork. My construction and my draping are the most important elements of my work. The most amazing thing about the performance was that all three pieces she wore were representative of what I do: The black motorcycle jacket with asymmetrical collar was all about construction; the skirt was draped, and it was very intrinsic to the draping I do–layered and multidimensional; and then the paneling and use of exotic skins and leather on the bodysuit. [Singer used python, iguana, lamb leather, and Chantilly lace to construct the bodysuit.]

This just gives me life and inspiration as a fellow designer!

Check out Beyoncé’s halftime show {Super Bowl XLVII 2013} again below:

Fashionista, Rubin Singer

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