Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time to learn Mandarin! {Rosetta Stone}

This is something we all should take kind of serious.  I’ve been hearing a lot about this Mandarin language becoming more popular.
My mom told me this a few years back and I’ve heard it on a few TV shows, now fashion sites are weighing in on it.  Time to pay attention and for good reason…looks like I may be hitting up my nearest Borders for Rosetta Stone.  Fashion Folks it’s time to learn Mandarin!

I read a great article on Fashionista.  I’m going to summarize a few points for you:

  • Dec. '12 - Chinese shoppers officially surpassed American shoppers as the #1 consumer of luxury goods.
  • Recently in Europe, Burberry doubled the number of Mandarin speaking sales associates  and they have already seen a 15% increase in revenue and in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Over the next 3 to 4 years Chinese tourist's numbers are expected to reach 90 million. Retailers are planning to strategiclly use Mandarin speaking associates, catering to these tourist…according to Patrica Pao, CEO of PAO Principle.

This is an article you must read….it’s the future, check it out HERE!

 Fashionista, Rosetta Stone

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