Tuesday, November 13, 2012

That Fashion Chick Lakia Fashae' working...{structured A-line skirt}

I Instagramed this while I was sewing...
Hello you fashioners! Check out my {Lakia Fashae'} latest piece for my current collection in progress...Structured A-line Skirt.
 Once the collection is finished I can explain my true vision. 
For now, check out some sneak peak pics before the finished product arrives SOON!

I draped the skirt on the mannequin...no pattern. { I make patterns too}

This is the middle piece..it wasn't suppose to be a V but
I  had to 'make it work'!

A side view almost finished...see I added the
black strips on the side #chic

Another photo I Instagramed...

I just have some minor fixtures and I need to set-in the zipper as well as hem...then I model it! =D

Lakia Fashae'

Lakia Fashae' - Instagram

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