Tuesday, October 30, 2012

That Fashion Chick Lakia Fashae' working...{blazer-vest}

Here is my blazer-vest I shared prior {via twitter}
I've been working so hard on That Fashion Chick the company and revamping TFCB {I do a lot of random work off the blog} that I have been kind of sidetracked on my whole main purpose in the fashion industryDesigning! After going to school to learn my craft, it seemed like the business part took over. My focus on my collection is back and priority Now 
Another aspect of this blog is to watch my growth as a designer {fashionista}, so I will do better in documenting my work.  I actually have some really great opportunities on the table {I can’t say anything yet} that I will be sharing! Super Excited!! This piece you see is from my current collection for fall/winter season.
 At times I want to pull out my hair, because the lining is annoying lol.  I just have to get the fit right. 

Check it below:

My face says it all right?!

...those armholes were a bit tricky

It started coming together

I just have to hand-stitch a couple parts and hem the bottom...then I will model it!  I have to practice all I can. My sights are also on Project Runway. ;-)


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