Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Alexander McQueen visor shades are being commercialized {Watch This!!}

Sarah Burton is really keeping the Alexander McQueen fashion house alive!  She is keeping the same aesthetics {for the most part} that made the late Alexander McQueen a famous designer, who brought a  new vision to the fashion industry.

Sara Burton also has her own aesthetic and direction to keep the line relevant and lucrative..hence the new store in London.

If you watched the Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 runway show you would have seen these futuristic eye wear that is about to be greatly commercialized.

The visor shade can be yours for a kool $475. That would be an affordable investment too! it IS McQueen!!

You can actually make a purchase right here...these are soooo That Fashion Chick!

Watch this campaing video featureing the visor shades.

Refinery 29

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