Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feature: Crafting Style That's Hand Made In America

I received this press release in an email from fashion designer Patrica Sehar Peerzada. I applaud her work and would like to share it with you. Check out her press release below along with a few sample pictures and a candid video! 

Saharah Studio of Glenn Dale, Maryland takes a low tech approach towards creating high style that's hand made in America. Fashion Designer Patricia Sehar Peerzada features hand made, limited edition clothing, often hand block printed with her own patterns.  Block printing on fabrics is an age-old textile technique that's shared by many indigenous cultures around the world. 

The hand printed clothing is individually printed so there are no two alike, but they carry similar design elements
. All of the designs in the collections are created by Patricia, and she creates pieces for all figure types.
"Using shapes that are unique to my line, I flatter the figure with inspiration from traditional world fashion sources, blending and mixing to create a palatable modern style." states Patricia. Both Patricia's fashion lines,"Roc The Bloc" and "Saharah", have consistently presented during New York Fashion Week; and have been featured in various publications around the world. The Roc The Bloc's signature style has hand printed, ethnic textiles; while the Saharah Collection is distinguished by it's artistic shapes that flatter the figure.


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