Saturday, June 15, 2024

🤩😍IT!'s a HOT-T-T Summer for STRUT-T-TIN' #lakiafashae YEAP Im THAT Chick

yall playin wit me🤭

 The SHHHHHH.....🤩👩🏾‍💻 
S/O to my family the Dargans and the Nichols of Alaska
I come from real n-i-gg-as. {respectfully} 💃🏾✨🤣

Ya'll mad savage thinkers {no pun intended}  cant stop Lakia
I'm going to say my shpill on my platform and keep it 
cute on social media. #independentchick 

God is so for real...

my life

I got em tight! S/O to New York love your slang...these MFs THIGT!

Allow me to REINTRODUCE MYSELF...! Lakia is OG Status. I am the only one doing this.

I earned IT! Bragadocious Bishhes! Im THE Shyt! 
F U, I'll Fashae You Bish! Im built for the attention.

#funtalk not that serious I crack myself UP!🤩😍
Play alllllonnnnnng....duh

attention or nah?

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