Tuesday, January 16, 2024

🎨Studio L. Fashae: Rough Draft of Personal Style FW 23/24 Edition {Part 2}

The process is real...😅! There's an entire rollout that
 comes with this project!🤩 Part three includes 
completed sketches, with coloring. 

I'm just glad to be done with sketching...each look 
took about an hour and a halfThis theme is a lot to cover,
 so I have to be a bit meticulous.


I used the AI approach for this process. Picking 
the personal style then looking at the theme, 
and writing what popped in my head. It forced me to 
stay focused in another frame of art.

1.) Classic   
2.) Gothic
3.) Punk 

1.) Retro 
2.) Bohemian
3.) Tomboy

1.) Luxe   
2.) Eccentric
3.) Preppy 

It's funny that my newest sketches are always 
my favorites. The second two sets are not outlined 
with ink yet, hence the grainy look.

 My idea is to use the pencil to help the shading, 
then outline. Trying new techniques!👩🏾‍🎨

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