Saturday, January 27, 2024

👀Runway Love: Selkie

The fashion house Selkie hit my radar during Get the Scoop!

After researching Selkie, I'm intrigued. 
This fashion label sticks to a specific aesthetic mostly tied to the romantic era
{late 1700's to early 1800's}Selkie is truly remarkable, capturing 
the essence of time and modernizing the fashion-to-style aspect. 
The play on subtle fabrics and dainty silhouettes is astonishing. 

Don't take my word for IT!
Check IT! out!👀

YouTube: Fashion Channel

A creature or spirit in Scottish and Irish folklore that has the form of a seal but can also assume human form. Alternative forms[edit] saelkie, selky, seilkie, sejlki, shelky, silkey, silkie, sulky......Filled with color, exuberance and power, this collection is for the Selkie women everywhere, setting themselves free."-Selkie👈

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