Friday, January 26, 2024

📰Get the Scoop: Scrolling through the fashion streets....

 Fashion is getting more and more interesting.🤓

 Every now and then I get on my soapbox, regarding the fashion industry's direction. 

In my opinion, the fashion industry is  where creatives can ultimately be creative with limitless reach. Fashion provides total expression! 

Good, bad, or indifferent, fashion is a useful source at displaying "the here, and now" {out with the with the new. Gotta keep up!}.

Fashion is not only about gets political.
 The highest way fashioners handle their discrepancies: hit the runway or put it on a t-shirt!

Nothing like a fashion tantrum{we STRUT-T-T👠 it out}.😂 It's creative, non-violent, fierce, and lucrative!

🤭All jokes aside, fashion is getting back to fashion.🤗

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