Thursday, November 9, 2023

🤓Fashion Dreams: Coco Chanel {Learn from the Greats!} ~ a TFC repost


Well, well well how are ya'll doing? Feels like its been a nice break from business and its politics.  Graduate school is no joke, so it was a must to refocus on projects and assignments so I can possibly graduate lol.  Last note I left you was about some major test I had to take and....I COMPLETED MY MIDTERMS {not with flying colors, but good 😅}.  Starting a new career is no joke and a lot of pressure, but I been a diamond.💎

📚My current classes are: Dynamics of Fashion and Online Retailing and Ecommerce.

💃Dynamics of Fashion is explains the ins and outs of the fashion industry from production, retail, brand image and public relations. I have to do a lot of analysis reports on various aspects of fashion. Now we are working on the final project - choose a fashion brand and analyze the type of business model the brand's foundation is built, basically acting as a consultant to reinforce brand image.

💃Online Retailing and eCommerce is teaching me how to operate an eCommerce business.  I'm currently developing a Peak-Season eCommerce Plan, in which I have to create a brand in a specific product category and create a detailed strategy to know when and how to market during popular times as well as selling product that is in demand.  My company is called Scentful Chic, smell the style  - women's fragrance category; developing a website and everything.  I would love to share the final project!

📑Midpoint Review was a huge meeting with the fashion directors and I have another one before I graduate...aye yi yi😅.  For my thesis project I created a blogzine called IT! Chick Blogzine- where IT! speaks for itself, also presenting a website for this idea.  I will be able to put this idea into action next semester, in a magazine class.  Then I will share this project tooo!

The lady above is Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, a french designer and trailblazer of fashion.  We know you learn from the best to be the best. As soon as I studied Chanel, my fashion life was decided for obvious reasons.  There aren't too many black women trailblazers in fashion/beauty, hence why I created That Fashion splash will be made for sure!  I see fashion in a way that puts me in my own lane and I'm steady driving. 😎


Glad to be back and more post will come.  
No more breaks until next year, lol sike! 😏

📢Have an AWWWESOME DAAAAAY Chicadees!

I love looking back at my work😍. The journey is real and I continue to amaze myself and inspire readers. Every young person should have examples of greatness, though family first!

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