Friday, June 5, 2015

Feature: Jar of Joy™ {Heather Elliott-Whitehead}

Jamaican entrepreneur Heather Elliott-Whitehead just launched what some beauty industry sources are calling an affordable luxury alternative to overpriced and overrated body soufflés.  

Whitehead presented her
line of soufflés at an exclusive Beauty conference held recently at the Montage Hotel in Newport Beach, California. 

In a presentation she made at the conference, Whitehead stated that the beauty care and cosmetics industry was responsible for an estimated $62 billion dollars in revenue over the last ten years and she wants Jar of Joy™ to be a factor in the next ten years growth.

 About Jar of Joy

Jar of Joy™ is a luxurious line of Body Soufflé manufactured in California, the United States. The Paraben free line of body soufflés is super fruit based and is infused with extracts from the super fruits Acai, Noni and Goji. The soufflés are formulated with the essential pro-vitamin B5 which is known to be a powerful anti-aging agent. It is said that B5 has great exfoliating properties that are used to fight free radicals and promote new skin cells to consistently regenerate, offering a more youthful, fresh appearance.

Heather noted that this formulation was a key factor in the decision to produce the line. A part from the healthy benefits of the line, users of the soufflé have liken the scents—eight so far, to that of their favorite fruity desserts. With scents like Goji Berry and Orange, Pomegranate Puree and the Lush Almond Vanilla, the company bets on their attractive line up to win customers. One unique approach taken by Jar of Joy™ is the decision to omit standard ingredients label on their packaging. Fully committed to international environmental and manufacturing standards, Jar of Joy™ is honoring its corporate commitment towards a greener world by reducing the amount of paper and plastic used in its manufacturing. The company has instituted a relatively non-traditional approach to sharing their product information by referring customers to their shopping portal for ingredients and usage details. Jar of Joy™ has also indicated that they only produce the line of soufflés in an OSHA and USDA graded facility.  

Jar of Joy™ is the body care division of HEATHER ELLIOTT LLC, a New York State Company registered and licensed as a Cosmetics and Beauty Care entity. HEATHER ELLIOTT LLC will continue to expand its offering under the Jar of Joy™ Brand with other complementing body care products slated for roll out in August 2105 and a line of color makeup for last quarter of 2015.


Currently, Jar of Joy™ will only be available
for sale in the United States and Canada at this time; however, plans are being discussed for distribution in Jamaica and Trinidad by the first quarter of 2016 where the interest to carry the brand has been quite high.  Heather also noted that advanced negotiations are underway to get the brand distributed in Walgreens, the largest pharmacy chain in the United States. In summing up plans for this exciting initiative,Heather said… 

“This is one of the most exciting parts of our journey so far, but for me, it is also the most nerve racking and exhaustive.  For example, we had to increase our product liability and ramp up our quality assurance just to even get a foot in the door and there is still no immediate guarantee, but looking at the big picture, once we have satisfied the strict guidelines and requirements for a corporation such as Walgreens, we would then know that we have created a world-class brand and for that I am truly proud.  I am very satisfied with our work on this product”

 The Jar of Joy Body Soufflés retails between $18.50 and $20.00 for a 8 0z/ 236 mL jar.

Please visit for more details. 

Kara Williamson,
Communications Director
(888) 581-4410

{Information via Jar of Joy™ press release modified to That Fashion Chick website}

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