Thursday, October 5, 2023

👄💬Talk of the Town! #fashionlife

Hey Ya'll!😍😃


I did an impromptu selfie session...*warming up* {well it is fall season 🍂}
to the Neeeewww🤣

I like to post things that you can vibe and & relate to. Fashion is an interesting topic, though it is in EACH and EVERONE!

My vision is to project the best fashion space on the net.

The topics in mind, next include:
  • TFC Style Forecast Nitty Gritty Trends
  • TFC Style Forecast Personal Style Edition
  • Fashion Scoop
  • Fashion Life Post

✨Thank you for rocking with me....I stand by my mission statement {click the About Tab}.💃🏾

I'm working behind the scene and only show up when the dopeness is done feel me?😄🤗


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