Friday, July 7, 2023

Feature: 🛀🏾G-Ma's Spa Essentials (Holistic Products)

"G-Ma's Spa Essentials was created from a loving need to help my granddaughter relieve itchy, dry skin caused by eczema. As I also suffer from psoriasis, the natural benefits of my customized Shea Butter - infused with essential oils and other luscious butters - have been a saving grace for us both and many others who want a long-lasting, smooth, and creamy body moisturizer.​"

"Each product is made with love, using 100% natural ingredients that invoke the senses with harmonious aromas. Other items have been selected for the holistic properties they offer to heighten the Mind - Body - Soul experience."

Magnesium Body Butter $8.50

Pesty Pellent $6
{soon to be added}

Tranquility Bath & Foot Soak
{soon to be added}

Head over to right now and pamper yourself! 
Also, get automatic FREE SHIPPING at checkout, on orders over $30.

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