Thursday, May 4, 2023

📑Fashion Finds: Wear That Nitty Gritty!

 Here are a few fashion finds that mirror TFC's trend report
{Refer to TFC's Nitty Gritty Trends}

Item Details HERE!

1. Ribbed Knit Cardigan, adding an outer layer of spontaneity. Ref. Spotlight Pieces

2. Chunky Slingback Shiny Platform Heels; any and all shoes are inclusive! Ref. Extra's {Shoe, do you!}

3. Loose Puff Sleeves Plaid High-Neck Midi Dress; we're going for a different silhouette. Ref. Silhouettes {Hidden Figure}

4. Go for BIG...Big, BIG Earrings with Pizzazz! Ref. Accessories {Bulk Earrings}

5. A warm neutral color scheme with all the fixings. Each piece fits to her body, letting seamlines match. Also, projecting a must-see style appeal. Ref. Main Color Palette {Warm Neutrals}; Silhouettes {Natural Fit}; Accessories {Decorated Layers}

6. Denims in a different color and with different cuts! Ref. Spotlight Pieces {Cute Cuts & Puzzled Pieces}

7. This look will command a room! A fun bold and bright dress with plenty surprise elements. Ref. Main Color Palette {Yellows}; Silhouettes {Hidden Figure}

8. Short Hair is sexy! Take a break for the Rapunzel affect and let your natural flow. Ref. Extra's {No Hair, Don't Care}

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