Monday, May 1, 2023

👄💭TFC’s Style Forecast: Spring|Summer 2023 Nitty Gritty Trends


😍Hey TFCs! 

Here's the Nitty Gritty Trends this season.

 Trends replicate each season…TFC breaks it down 
to uniqueness; universal standout.

🌟Your personal style is not taken for granted.

Let’s get into IT!💃🏾

Primary colors and neutrals!

Yellows: pick yellows that are pungent and observant. 
Yellow is an easy spring/summer color. This year, it will 
be bold and brightAll shades of yellow!

Reds: when you wear red, you feel dominant and sexy.
 Make your style mysterious and straightforward.

Blues: the color of beautiful water. Flow into this color with 
waves of water in mind. Flow with blue as a see set.

Warm Neutrals: pick soft tan colors that project angelic appeal
Walk in the room and own IT! softly.

Bubble Pop: let your hemlines speak in a bodacious way. 
Flowy and Wavy w/ consistency!

Natural Fit: let seamlines match, fitting to your body shape.
 Wear clothes that bend to your natural outline.

Hidden Figure: conveying an alluring display of style, by
 wearing pieces that hide your figure. 

Tight Squeeze: go for what you know! Be charismatic 
allowing your style to be sexy with mystiquesex-ay!

Fully Armed: glove it up with chiffon, leather, or lace. 
Small, medium, or large gloves are in!

Kool Jewels: layer your jewelry. Show class with swag!

Decorated Layers: Project an appeal of must~see style! 
Wear prints and daring pieces that flow with your look. 
Pieces that fall to the ground, have fun cuts and whimsical layers. 

Bulk Earrings: Big, BIG earrings with volume and pizzazz!

Headpieces: wear any hat or hair accessory that adds
 “statement” to your look.

Fun Jackets: add an outer layer of spontaneity to 
your look. Try sheer and flowy fabricsJackets with 
slit-sleeves are a hit on the runway!

Puzzled Pieces: wear a look that is chopped and screwed
Each piece should be designed in a quirky way that works!

Drip the Drape:  this is for all garment types. Wear pieces that 
drape the body in super stylish ways; not simple

Cute Cuts: wear cutouts that are simple~chic,
 including fun shapes and interesting placement(s).

No Hair, Don’t Care: wear hairstyles that go from 
short to shorterTry slick back ponytails or slick styles 
of some sort. Show face!

Accessory-less: don’t worry about Kool Jewels, go bare
To wear or not to wear…accessoriesIT!’s up to you.

Bag Me A Gem: wear bags with gem enhancements 
{any size or style}.

Shady Vison: pick sunglasses with a color that matches
 your look. Something more than black or gold frames.

Shoe, do you!: any and all shoes are inclusive! 
Just keep the weather in mind.


There you have IT! 
your style is set for Spring|Summer 2023!

For visual referencing, 
go to TFC’s board on Pinterest
📌Runway Love: Spring|Summer 2023 {HERE}


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