Tuesday, April 11, 2023

🧬Stylesician at Your Service...Dun Dun Duuunnn!

Your Nitty Gritty Style Forecast is on the way!💃🏾✨


I'm working on fun videos to drive it home {💡 get IT!} .
 For now, reflect on the recent #personalstyle post.

TFC's Style Forecast: Spring|Summer 2023 Nitty Gritty Trends 
will cover the following topics:

⭐Main Color Palette



⭐Spotlight Pieces


Personal Style will allow you to pinpoint your look with these Nitty Gritty Trends. PLEASE, stay in your projected ✨style lane✨ {you feel me?} to get the most out of this TFC Report! We'll build from there...no disrespect. 🤨😉


**On everything, if you play a song and watch the GIF 😎 above...you will crack up!😂🤣🤭**

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