Monday, February 20, 2023

💍Looking UP and Back {TFC Archive}

Digging through the crates...laaaa di daaa🤔

The beginning of That Fashion Chick started with different headers. 

Order is kinda up in the air.
Certain dates are listed tho! 🤩

I was and still am a chick living her vision of Fashion Life.

All headers were made via Polyvore {RIP app😥} by Lakia Fashae.

TFC Header 2013

TFC Header Spring 2013

TFC Header Fall|Winter 2013

TFC Header Spring|Summer 2014

TFC Headear Fall|Winter ?

TFC Header Fall|Winter 2014-15

TFC Header Spring|Summer 2015

TFC Header Fall|Winter 2015-16

TFC Header Spring|Summer 2016

TFC Header before the official logo 2016

That Fashion Chick official logo

The story grows so deeeeep....!😃

Continuing to celebrate myself during Black History Month. No more love amongst us. 
I am still here tho. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Hate is Bad.



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