Wednesday, February 1, 2023

👩🏾‍🎨Celebrating Myself!

What a lovely month 
to celebrate😁*wink,wink*

About 12 years old, is when I decided to become a fashion designer. Funny thing, I use to sketch designs in 5th grade and sell them for a quarter. Since then, every moment of my life is planned around this true reality.

I'm a Fashion Designer/Fashion Marketer and Fashion Journalist. In a nutshell, Creative Director of Fashion Life!💃🏾 *doing a curtsy*

This month, I unfold📖 this journey of mine.🎁

My chicks are sooooo FLLLLYYYY!🤩😍🤗

I stay in the studio

👸🏾Kia at 8 or 9 {1994}

My sister Esha 7 and Me 6 {Anchorage 💘}

The place I love the most and fit...Anchorage, AK. How 
easy it would be to go back home and live.💆🏾‍♀️

Your road to success is meant to be traveled....👍🏾

And um, Alaska don't care about no fashion lol. They care about business and money, but fashion design is not a career base up there. I built my career in Atlanta. 
See the difference? 
No dis to AK {they know what I'm saying}.

Like I said, more to come🤗.


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