Thursday, December 22, 2022

🗒TFC's Seasonal Faves! {Fall|Winter '22}

 😀 Hey Chicks, your closet staples are picked for the season!

These items are  derived from TFC's Style Forecast {our style blueprint}
TFC's Forecast also explains how to wear each piece.

Item details Here!

1. Metallic Boots~ Tall boots! Over-the-knee and/or thigh-high boots, in gold or silver.

2. Simple Earrings~ Studded earrings are a personal fave. You can go with hoops or simple jewels {small or dangle}.

3.Transparent Hats~ An interesting trend for cold weather, and that's why we picked it! This hat style will present an "icy look". A wow factor that is distinct to the season.

4. Delicate Blouses~ Referencing minimal but intricate designs. The blouse pictured, ties a few trends into one.

5. Opaque Thigh Highs~ Thigh highs are an immediate standout to dresses, skirts or shorts. A super chic additive!

6. Different Denims~ Not the distressed denim, but different structure. Focus on waist and pant legs.

7. Transparent Sunglasses~ Same idea as transparent hats. The icy effect! Round and cat-eye frames are best for this look.

8. Oversized Scarfs~ The chunkier the better! Printed or plain wool knits. Just pick big and fluffy!

9. Long Pendant Necklaces~ Pair well with simple earrings. Pick an enlarged pendant with bold design.

10. Decorated Socks~ Try thicker fabrics with "kool jewels" appeal.

11. Black Gloves w/ Wrist Decor~ Stick with a classic, but bold finish! Leather or faux with  clean lines.

12. Strapless Clutch~ Envelope and box clutches, in medium size, are chic while strapless. Hold that bag!

13. Platform Heels~ Platform, open-toe and chunky heels are the focus. The design is up to you!

14. Oversized Sweaters~ Think chunky and comfy!

Keep IT! cute chicks!


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