Monday, August 15, 2022

🧵Sew: Balconette Bustier {Studio L. Fashae}

Hey ya'll! I know some of ya'll like where this gurl at?!! 
Well, I been workin' on some killa shyt for ya!

While the pot is brewing, check out what I been doin'!

The top is fye huh?!👍 
Let me show you how I made it.

Straight from scratch. This took every bit of one month to make. Using my own measurements, personal pattern and designer skills {this piece is reversible too}....check the magic!

If you want to make one...
Here are the basics:

And it fits!👍

Thanks for your support! All the Tips and love 💜
Consistency is coming on another level. Enough is Enough 😆😉.

{I} love Ya'll!!!!😍😘

P.S. Create a Google account and leave a comment anytime. I do moderate, but that's the best way to connect with me. I wanna kick it with you on TFC! #dontbeshy lol 😁.....👄💬 pressure.😄


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