Wednesday, May 4, 2022

TFC's Style Forecast: Spring|Summer 2022 Nitty Gritty Trends {Part 2}

We talked about the key ingredients:color palette, silhouette 
and accessories. Now, let's get to the variables!

Spotlight Pieces
  • Capes- depending on the fabric, this can be a fun day-to-night piece. The cape is presented as evening wear on the runway this season. It's usually a fall/winter go-to
  • Big Jeans and Big Pants- huge fashion statement this season, appealing to all style types. Try nontraditional boyfriend trousers that are harem inspired, slim flared, straight-leg with cuffs, also big & chic. Keep your tops, at the least, loosely fitted.
  • Big Blazers- greatly chic! Oversized is kind of an understatement. Wear as an outer layer,  with a fitted under-look; or as a dress. Big blazers are a good retro piece. Shoulder pads, buttons and lapel detail are the bells and whistles!
  • Jumpsuits- minimalistic is key! Try long, cropped, or super flared
  • Peplum Appeal- the peplum is back in tops and skirts! Go for a more structured design, rather than the jumbo flounce.

  • The Bob-  a refreshing alternative to the long flow. However you want IT!, the bob is the go-to hair style this season.
  • Layers- style by your own discretion. Layers can play-up your "sexy" this spring. Keep in mind fabric choice and silhouette.
  • Beading- designed simply-intricate! Try lightweight fabrics with bead detailing. 
  • Hanging Strings- a fun embellishment! Not tassels per say, but long strings hanging across and from your body. Garments include pants, dresses and/or tops with some kind of decor closure.
  • Fringe or Feathers- pick garments with these details to emphasize your look. Feathers make a huge entrance on the runway this season. Add some fufu-chic to your look!
  • Tattered Appeal- these items are cute, comfy and/or chic, with unfinished hems and embellishments.

There you have IT! Your style is all set this Spring|Summer!

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