Friday, April 29, 2022

TFC Style Forecast: Spring|Summer 2022 Nitty Gritty Trends {Part 1}

Traditionally, there's the IT! item or look each season
{hair, shoes, bag...etc.}. TFC has picked the best style for you, straight 
from the runway.

Let's start with the color palette!

Main Color Palette
  • All White- look so fresh and so clean in white, on white {head-to-toe}. Garments and accessories are all inclusive. Pick detailed fabrics like lace, crochet, beading and embroidery to really make your whites pop.
  • Black & White- the classic pairing. Try print-play along with fun silhouettes to revamp this classic.
  • Super Tropics- think island and exotic! The brighter the better. Color-block and bold prints are the focus of this palette.
  • Watercolors- your body is your canvas! Go hard in the paint, literally. Pick garments that have the finesse of a paint brush. Soft, but vivid colors that flow across your body.
  • Human Nature- another classic; neutral tones. These are your grays, tans and browns. Use your personal style to make this laid-back color palette pop.

Okay, so we got our colors in place. What are we wearing and pairing?

  • Fit w/ Flow-  this can style a few ways. 1.) Item(s) can be fitted at top or bottom and flow out the opposite and vice versa. 2.) The main outfit is fitted while over-layer flows. This look is a classic, and is all over the runway.
  • Baggy Chic- this has to be the main silhouette of the season! Keep it baggy but sexy. Not just oversize; have some tailor {fit} to your "bag".
  • Mini-mini- say it twice for emphasis. This includes the super short mini skirt, super cropped top/bra and daisy dukes!
  • Clean Cut- fine lines and a dash of minimalism. Nothing too much, just enough.
  • Long Winded- maxi dresses to the fullest! Long dresses that are not exactly fitted, but flow. Keep it sexy-chic!

  • Platform- we haven't really seen this trend. All shoes platform style. Boots, heels, wedges and name it. The platform is the go-to shoe style this season.
  • Socks & Shoes- get a soft, chic sock and pair with a dainty shoe or heel. The chicer, the better!
  • Petite Purse- pair your look with a small mini bag. Balance and Proportion is the key. A super small bag does not pair well with a flared out silhouette and vice versa. You get it?
  • Color Pop- pick a solid and add a bright. You can also pick a neutral or vague pattern and add a bright bag or shoe. The color pop is your accessory choice.
  • Add a Belt- simple.

Color palette, silhouette and accessories are the key ingredients to your look. 
Stay tuned for part 2 of TFC's Style Forecast Nitty Gritty Trends.

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