Thursday, April 28, 2022

👩🏾‍💻Fashion Life, The Journey: Becoming That Fashion Chick, Lakia Fashae {Chapter 1}

The past few years I've been kicking up dust in the fashion industry
On accident, then on purpose. IT!'s worked too!💃🏾
💡Mostly about diversity, because I didn't fit in....

This is not a rant post. 
This is a blog, silly rabbits.😂 

Anywho, got blackballed and all that. 

SOOOO!!!! 🤪 Stand for what's right. 
The children are the future; pave a way.👍

👉Blackball Meaning: you are painted as a villain in the mainstream society. 
*SMH, just mean tactics. People really go for the dumb sh@t *
{my faith in people's intelligence has dwindled}

Lakia Fashae
Now, I get to be myself.🌻

    Good thing, That Fashion Chick has been exclusive from the beginning. Promoting JUST started. It's freeing to be in one's own space/lane. Sorry not Sorry, I can't "do" where God ain't. 

Ya'll, people have really been soul jacked!😯😅

    TFC is a fashion and art experience. Hell, in the world. People really need to find self-confidence in life. One's soul always has a choice.🙏🙏🏾

 Ain't nothing like the old-school! *wink,wink* 
I do talk big shyt!😁😆 I gotta plenty reason tho.🤷🏾‍♀

The second Studio L. Fashae😍 2019

Now that my skin is thicker from all the bullying and hate...
 TFC is your fashion doctor. 🩺

💁🏾‍♀Oh, and not all females can be my client/customer. 
TFC appreciates confidence, so there!😹

👀Also read: 🥛Fashion Fortified!

     Still in GA, I relocated after Covid {reset}. With that being said, a small town has but so much to offer. Atlanta had more opportunities. 


    Shop TFC eCommerce was launched last year on my birthday {August 28}. This blog was monetized. I removed the ads due to lack of substance {conflicting with my art}. My focus was blogging and doing business offline. 

    I LOVE creativity. Sales is my background; humbly I can sale a cow milk. Is that fair to the client/customer tho? No. Keeping options open is my marketing secret. People usually love what they don't understand at first...some finesse comes into play. Creativity is being held hostage fr fr.

New Studio L. Fashae!

💁🏾‍♀SN: I don't know what to say about social media...🤔😵  

    In conclusion, it's dope and a blessing to see the world outside the "norm". The struggle stories behind the greats are true. Trust the process.  I'm proud to say I have grown into my own identity. I was super shy...😌. Not really shy, but misunderstood in society {different than what's assumed of me}, in turn"shyness" was my fallback. 

Me Time💃🏾

🤩Style. Confidence. IT! is real.

There are plenty "no's" and denials, but greatness can't be tamed.

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