Monday, January 31, 2022

👏When a Plan Works...

Well, well, well...😎

Photo: Nick Fewings


As a journalist {blogger}, I can't afford to be delusional or unaware. It's a chance of a lifetime getting to see the world, front row...CLEAR🤓 {plus I'm a mom}. Writer's voice is based on tone and personality; usually readers look for undertones of truth.  

Thank you That Fashion Chick readers for always supporting and visiting!

You've inspired me to add vlogging to TFC, as well as wanting to expand my audience. Promoting has never been my thing. I never felt ready to take on the world's attention until now. 

Apology to my TFC💟Loves . My focus is completely on you, moving forward. Feeling like I came back from a more PTSD.😅 Mofos been trying to take a chick ooooouuuttt, and I ain't talking food 😂.

love the camera, but the attention was overwhelming. After any post I did here or on social media, I would get soooo much attention that made me uncomfortable. A LOT was straight up hateful to try and knock my confidence.

See, here's the thing about 📛Lakia

I truly don't care about what people think of me...I'm a good sh*t talker and have great self-defense. People read me as innocent...far from the truth. Good girl yeah, but not perfect. Success brings mess...{hmmmmm, that's a t-shirt. TFC is developing new merch 😄}.

Anywho, being a public figure is not easy when trying to keep a low profile. The irony.

Now that the world is completely insane, it's time to let the circus 🤡 do what it do {*shrugs*}. My heart is sooo big, it can't ever run out of love...tho, it's not open to pretenders anymore. Smarter. 

The internet is like double dutch. 
Waiting for the right opening.💃

Trust the Process.

Oh, one more thing. I encourage you to share TFC with women 18-35, especially the younger ladies {fellas tell your peoples}. Let them know real women still exist. Something different.

TFC's T.V show is fashion oriented, geared towards art, with influences of worldly things said through fashion. 

{Style. Confidence. IT}

Now is my beginning. Please don't focus on numbers. I don't own those platforms. Everyone likes a smooth flow, no edges ruffled {*wink,wink*}. As long as I'm not compromising myself, I can chill. Hehehe I be cracking myself up because sh*t be real. 

I'm boss level now so....time to be Pro-Pro.👠😊

What a journey....😅🤓

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