Saturday, December 4, 2021

💃🏾Wear That: Ultra Glam

☝🏾But wait...there's moooore!
😲Grab my pearls. It's time to get spiffaay. 💃🏾

Ladies, dressing to the nines is our thang. Get spiffy with glam on a new level!

👠Wear That: Ultra Glam

💁This season go all out in your rarest form of dazzle! Grab them pearls...grab them jewels...grab those exaggerated pieces on chic.

I'm talking fluff it up head-to-toe, and know YOU are the show!

Get inspired by the collections displayed. 

It's time to get suuupper girly again {dainty, prissy, glammy...just womanly}.

Accessories will be the accent to this style~play. Peep the silhouettes...

💡Classic, but extravagant.

Oh and hunty, the attitude has to match. With this wear that, you gotta strut-t-t like you own the every way.

👄💬You are IT! Chick.👀

Photos: Vogue, Madame Figaro

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