Saturday, December 4, 2021

💃🏾Wear That: Mild Flow

🤔On the contrary to Ultra Glam.....

💁🏾‍♀️With Wear That: Mild Flow, take is nice and easy!

👉Pick your chic, yet subtle pieces.

If you're not an extravagant type of chick...go for smooth operator. Meaning, you know your style in a sexy~cool kind of way, but eyes still follow.🧐😆

✨This is ready-to-wear at its finest.✨

👄💬Don't hold back your personal style. Express it with flare!

That's the "I'm in the building, chilling in the cut, but you see me" {style always speaks}.

💡The theme is polished, with less dazzle.

👠You better stut-t-t, if nothing else chick!👀

Photos: Vogue

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