Saturday, November 20, 2021

🖇Wear That: Discombobulation

 🧐What an interesting style~play...

This go~to style for Fall/Winter 2021 is just what the doctor ordered! 

👩🏾‍🎨Fashion Doctor that is 🤓.

We know about previous trends of deconstruction, patchwork, colorblock and extravagant trimmings. Let's go a step further. ⭐Wear That: Discombobulation⭐covers all of the above.

☝Try wearing a stylish mishap {key word: stylish}. And not necessarily avant garde

In layman's terms...Find the most "ugly" pieces and jazz them up! Details of "that something different" in a blouse, skirt, dress and even shoes

Keep your color palette the focus {not too outlandish with silhouette either} and you will hit a style~play homerun!

Check out the labels listed and sift through retailers for newness. 
😃Oh, and let it be a natural expression, through the discombobulation!

Each season, there's always a trend that turns heads side ways.

📌 These are usually a TFC's fave! 💃🏾


Photos: Vogue; WWD

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