Friday, November 20, 2020

👄💬Fashion Talk: MY Personal Style💃

😂On my soapbox! 💆{clears throat}

 Fashion has gotten very saturated with "mannequin style" meaning, everybody style; dressed from the mannequin-display like

Let me has been boring for a while now {predictable}. Designer fashion has been the go-to, but your personal style is what makes you stand out {I reference a lot of designer fashion on TFC too}. 

For instance, below are Bermuda shorts made by Prada...can you pick out another designer piece? 

Did you pick the shoes? Cool! The entire look is pretty much designer.

High fashion is the standard and RTW {ready-to-wear; clothes off the rack} is the norm and majority.

👩‍💻At TFC, we're shifting our fashion talk to completely focus on personal style. TFC's older post definitely tackled all aspects of the fashion industry. On this fashion blog, we looove the element of surprise! 👩‍🎨


💁For the most part, everyone knows fashion, but what is YOUR fashion {personal style}?

Here's a quick glimpse into mine! Did you tilt your head? 😆 

💃My style is Tomboy-Chic!

NO worries! Personal Style is the new wave. 👋😀


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