Saturday, July 18, 2020

💥Shop TFC! {Style. Confidence. IT!}

Well, well, well...where have I been? Chillin!

TFC has been social distancing like most. Now is the time of realization.  The way we choose to deal with negativity has to be a personal endeavor.

My experience caused me to share a minute piece of my journey in figuring out this complex world. I understand that one has to have a personal plan {keyword "personal"} for greatness. People are there to hinder this greatness. Keep pushing  through; that's the only answer.

I support anyone with God energy, because that's what this world heavily needs.

It's all about FREQUENCY 💥{guard yours}.

Recognize life, stay strong through it all and peep game!
 Next plans for That Fashion Chick is a light makeover; just a bit, and product you can support.

Stay Tuned!

Since day one TFC's focus has been about art, creativity and inspiration

Style. Confidence. IT!


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